Bizarre Head Space

Art by Stephanie Sybydlo

My Final Fantasy IX tribute art.  Hands down one of my favourite titles in the series and on my Top 10.  I created this piece over the span of 2 years (naturally, working on it very sporadically — I’m not that slow a worker!!).  I think it turned out great, so yay, a proper tribute I think.
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Yuna from Final Fantasy X.It was so much fun getting back into this game with the HD version.  I also wanted to practice some realism (and new brushes to go with that).
Lina Inverse from The Slayers! This was like the first anime I ever watched ever. 

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But here I like posting more about the process and various other details.  Literally.  Enjoy!!

I hate the amount of time I spend drawing other people’s characters, usually it plays into why I don’t finish works.  But I liked this. 

I like drawing tough people. I also loved drawing paisley… god what a weird pattern to popularize.
Yay!  New piccy.  I wanted a lot of colour play for a “night time” piece.  I may post a detail here.  Either way, not that a “big piece” is done, may post some sketches next!
Two OCs I made up in some sort of “money shot” I guess (they’re all serious!).  This was especially fun to colour, very rarely did I stick to one hue, but moved around to create something much more colour-strong.  Maybe I’ll do a tutorial?  Certainly might be easier and better practice to try it this way for younger artists, allows more freedom to play too. :O
Detail Shot Here:

Here we go.

Hello!  I am Dice!!  I’ve decided to start some tumblr goodness.

I’m going to be posting art, whether complete, never will be completed, and just sketches.  Today I’m starting with a bit of both.  My boyfriend and I have really whack schedules, usually we can only see each other at night, so naturally, we talk about sleeping and being comfy.  I drew this guy to commemorate it: he’s sort of a cross between a Bunny and a Dog (Bog?).  He’s friendly and cuddly!  I wanted to go for a sort of storybook night, it’s not a very black sky.

Ah well, more to come.